Ticket scams

Thinking of buying a ticket via Gumtree, ebay, Viagogo or other websites? You need to read this.

If you buy a ticket from an unauthorised seller you risk your money and your chance to see your favourite performer.

Buying through anyone other than the authorised ticket seller puts you at the mercy of scammers. You may be buying a forged ticket or the scammer may be selling the same ticket multiple times. The end result is that you will have lost your money and you won’t be able to get in to see the performance.

The Pilbeam Theatre Box Office, and its website seeitlive.com.au (and ticketing provider SeatAdvisor) are the only authorised ticket seller for events at the Pilbeam Theatre. If you are uncertain when buying tickets online, check the URL (web address) in your browser. It will either display seeitlive.com.au or sa2.seatadvisor.com/sabo.

Tickets are sold by the venue, as the authorised seller.  Tickets purchased from websites such as Viagogo, Gumtree and ebay may be invalid and entry to the event may be refused.

I can’t make it to an event, what should I do about my tickets?
If you are unable to attend an event, you should contact the Pilbeam Theatre on 4927 4111 as soon as possible. We will try to resell your ticket/s through our box office, although no guarantees can be given. Contact the Box Office on 4927 4111 for more details



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