Construction works 2019

There will be some construction work happening at the Pilbeam Theatre / Art Gallery precinct in the coming months, impacting on the breezeway between gallery and theatre, and the car park.

From 25 March, access to the breezeway between the theatre and art gallery from the lane / car park will be affected as part of the construction of a disability access ramp and for the improvement of the fire evacuation exit from the Pilbeam Theatre.

From 26 March, the car park will be closed in stages to enable rebuilding/resurfacing. At no stage will the entire car park be closed.

Timetable for the works:
25 March to 29 March: Removal of breezeway gardens and seats. Breezeway access to the Pilbeam Theatre and Rockhampton Art Gallery will remain open during this part of the project.

4 April to 3 May: Breezeway access from car park to theatre and gallery closed. Access will still be available to the theatre and gallery from Cambridge Street and Victoria Parade.

26 March: Work on car park commences. Car park closed in stages to enable ongoing access. Expected duration: about three months.

Event Date:
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