Theatre Tours

Bring your class to a tailored educational tour* of the Pilbeam Theatre including backstage areas.

What is included:

•An engaging 30 min backstage tour of the venue.
•Up to 30 minutes additional time in the venue  available (ie. for teachers to continue a lesson on stage.)
•Break off area in foyer with a space for bags

Tour Content will be suited to the age level and class size in the tour but can include:

•Venue Safety
•History of theatre
•History of the Pilbeam Theatre
•Theatre etiquette
•Venue areas – stage, basement, bio room, dressing rooms
•Lighting basics
•Mechanic basics
•Audio basics

What are the benefits:

•Introduce students to the venue before they see a show
•Contextualise studies in theatre, music and performing arts
•Prepare students for the live arts
•Extend a CBD excursion with a free tour
Download the brochure here
For enquiries contact or phone (07) 49245600
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